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Physician Executive Group

PEG: The Professional Resource for Physician Executives

People say all politics is local. Similarly, all networking is local and this is a major motivating factor behind ACHE of Georgia’s decision to form a physician executive group. ACHE of Georgia is home to more than 1,600 members, of whom more than 80 are physicians. The officers and board of ACHE of Georgia approved the formation of the Physicians Executive Group (PEG) in 2016 to foster networking and other activities among these members.

The PEG developed its mission from a short online survey that provided a number of suggested values for the group and through solicited creative suggestions. Ideas presented in the survey included:

  • Networking opportunities with other physician leaders and nonphysician healthcare leaders
  • Leadership education/development on physician issues or more general healthcare topics
  • Technical education (e.g., finance)
  • Achievement of board certification in healthcare management as an ACHE Fellow
  • Mentoring opportunities (as mentor or mentee)
  • Sharing contact information with other PEG members
  • Interest in a special PEG networking session prior to ACHE of Georgia meetings

For more information, please contact: Lily J. Henson, MD, FACHE, Chair, Physician Executive Committee,  Chief Executive Officer, Piedmont Augusta Hub.

Advancement to Fellow

There are at least three benefits to physicians earning the FACHE credential:

  • Gain knowledge: Preparing for the Board of Governors Exam provides the discipline to study now the topics that are challenging the industry.
  • Be noticed: The FACHE credential demonstrates to peers, administrators and the board of directors a ‘broad interest in healthcare leadership’. The MD, FACHE combination is a relatively rare clinical/administrative combination that is rapidly gaining notice by recruiters and healthcare administrators.
  • Sync with the Chicago Machine: The FACHE opens more options for engagement with peers nationally through ACHE conferences and locally through ACHE of Georgia monthly meetings. Look here for information about achieving the FACHE credential.

National Network:

ACHE Physicians Executive Forum (PEF)

The Physician Executives Forum is designed for physician leaders in management roles seeking knowledge and resources to enhance their leadership skills and thrive in healthcare’s changing landscape.

The Forum offers a package of resources tailored to meet the unique career development needs of physician executives and complement their clinical expertise.

Physician executives will benefit from premier education, timely and relevant information, career resources and prime networking opportunities. Learn More