Diversity and Inclusion Activities

The mission of the Diversity and Inclusion Committee is to drive diversity and inclusiveness within all aspects of healthcare through empowering, educating, and engaging Georgia healthcare executives. 

The Committee, chaired by Jarvis Gray, FACHE, is constantly working on presenting programs and activities to encourage diversity, equity, and inclusion within the Georgia healthcare community.  Please visit this page often to learn about the committee’s current activities.

Help ACHE of Georgia Celebrate Black History Month!

ACHE of Georgia encourages all members to help us celebrate Black History Month. Please share the banners below on your social media pages and link back to www. gahe.org. 

Black History Month Messages from ACHE of Georgia’s Leadership 

Message from ACHE of Georgia’s President

Greetings Fellow ACHE of Georgia members,

John KuevenThis month is dedicated to celebrating the multitude of African Americans and their influential heritage made throughout the history of the United States. We embrace the importance of celebrating the accomplishments and impacts made throughout the year, this month ensures we are given the grounded importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

In 2021 a Diversity and Inclusion Committee was established to ensure a voice is given to all members and to truly celebrate our differences. This year Black History Month is focused on Health and Wellness, and what a fantastic topic for ACHE of Georgia to help strengthen. This year we ask you to join our Diversity and Inclusion committee and our entire board in the celebration of Black History Month. This is the perfect time for our members to engage in opportunities to learn more about each other, successful leadership traits, and how to ensure we are giving a voice to all.

It is an honor to serve our members and to work with the entire board to promote a chapter open to inclusivity, thinking globally, and acting locally. Thank you to the many ACHE of Georgia members who have worked so hard in making our Diversity and Inclusion council so impactful in such a short time!

Warmest Regards,

John Kueven, FACHE
ACHE of Georgia President

From Our D&I Committee Chair

Dear ACHE of Georgia Community,

Black History Month is a time to recognize and celebrate the contributions and impacts that Africans in America have made throughout the course of modern U.S. history.

All too common it’s very easy to acknowledge the shameful past filled with racial injustices, slavery, and other forms of discrimination against blacks in America; so, this year we want to also send a message of recognition for the future of African Americans and the many influences that continue to shape world culture at large.

As you know Black History Month was created back in February of 1926 by Carter G. Woodson who is commonly known as the father of black history. Through his leadership, at the time the month was dedicated as a progression of what was already known as Negro history week, and the month of February specifically was chosen by Woodson for the weeklong observance as it coincides with the birth dates of both former presidents Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass; two men whose dedication to ending slavery was unmatched by most others at the time.

Thanks to the efforts of so many giants whose shoulders we now stand upon today, by the late 1960s all throughout the civil rights movements Black History Month was officially adopted as a national month of celebration across the United States in 1976.

It’s not commonly known but every year in the celebration of Black History Month there are specific themes, and this year the theme is “Black Health and Wellness”… aligning so incredibly well given our positions as healthcare leaders and public health advocates.

I invite you all to celebrate Black History Month along with me and our ACHE of Georgia Diversity and Inclusion committee as we continue the great momentum, we experienced in 2021 by bringing paradigm-shifting topics to the forefront and establishing resources in support of ACHE of Georgia mission to drive diversity and inclusiveness within all aspects of healthcare through empowering, educating, and engaging Georgia healthcare executives. With great urgency and a strong commitment, we will continue our work to eliminate prejudices that are still present in our communities and ensure future health care leaders of all backgrounds feel safe and secure and the ongoing fight to provide high-quality health care to our patients.


Jarvis Gray, FACHE

From Our D&I Committee CoChair

Dear ACHE of Georgia Members,

During the month of February, as we take an opportunity to celebrate Black History, I’m grateful to be part of an organization like ACHE of Georgia

that prioritizes people and our collective heritage. One key element of our culture is the commitment to create an inclusive environment where we invite and encourage diverse perspectives, ideas, and people. It is this inclusive approach that allows us to remain competitive and innovative for our employees and patients, now and in the future.

Our country’s historical narrative defines us and helps us remember important markers and milestones in our great American journey. Black History Month is not only an opportunity to build awareness but also about understanding the impact of African American achievements.
Join our ACHE of Georgia Diversity and Inclusion Committee in celebrating the history, culture, achievements, and resilience of the Black community. This month recognizes the contributions African Americans have made in U.S. history, despite the racism, violence, and other systemic obstacles they have had to overcome.

All my best,

Lorraine Smith

Black History Month Resources and Links

If you have links and resources you’d like to share, please send an email to gahe.org@gmail.com.

Diversity and Inclusion Calendar of Events

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